We work with you to determine the heart of your story, what purpose it serves, and the best way to tell it. Through meetings and interviews, the concepts for the film take shape. A budget is proposed and adjusted according to the scope of the project.


Once a budget has been approved, we script, storyboard, choose talent, scout locations, organize equipment, secure dates, and prepare details for the shoot. This typically takes the longest and may range from several days to several months.


From the shot list, our production team will begin capturing the assets needed to tell your story. Production may range from a single day to several weeks, but includes principal photography, audio capture, and animation - depending upon the project scope.


Once the production assets have been collected, we proceed with the edit, sound design, motion graphics, and color correction and grading to create a cinematic experience. You, as the client, are given the opportunity to provide feedback during revisions. Once the film receives your approval, we render the story in file formats appropriate for your needs. Expect post-production to range from several days to several months.

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