The Midas Touch

Had the opportunity to visit my good friend Jibin John at Symmetrical Bodies located at the pleasantly serene Kodawari Studios in South Tampa. Ever had shots with a yogi?



Derek Auns Woodworking

Derek is a perfect example of when trying to prove your girlfriend wrong actually goes right. Not only did he end up marrying her, but he's been elevating his woodworking game for the past few years and his quality has been nothing but supreme. 

In this episode, we talk about why he got started, we run through how he built a DOPE ultramodern coffee table, and we discuss why its important to break through your bubble and follow your passion.

The Charcuterie Diary

Dropping out of culinary school after a month to pursue his own curriculum, Wes Roderick traveled various parts of the world to learn culinary arts in a certain way - the way that he wanted to - which now defines his own culinary style.

Now he serves as the Chef de Cuisine at one of the hottest spots in town, On Swann.