The Escape to Cuba

In Cuba, a Cuban sandwich is just a sandwich.

Now that I got that out of the way, I had a great time in Cuba this past week and I'm sure my distinguished colleague, Derrick, feels the same - with exception to the stomach bug he caught towards the end of the trip. Common logic would point to the street hamburger he consumed that day, but a deeper investigation through deductive reasoning and empirical data highly suggests that his digestive adversity resulted from the wrath of the "Red Lady".

More on her later.

So why visit Cuba?  

I needed a break from the so-called daily "routine" of work-gym-dogs-sleep-repeat. 

I found the challenge of visiting a country with such an archaic modus operandi very appealing. Cuba as a destination will satiate anyone seeking to get out of their comfort zone:

  • internet - don't count on it
  • mobile network service - nope
  • credit/debit cards - uh uh
  • two separate currencies circulate - CUC vs CUP

Not to mention, my Spanish sucks.

But you know what? I knew I had this trip under control. The plan was to go down there with no money, and all sex appeal. For those four days, I was going to be known as En-r-r-r--ique.

Funny how "Escape to Cuba" has an ironic ring to it, but it holds a lot of truth.

I'll be posting more about my experiences in Cuba later. For now, enjoy the first part of the critically-acclaimed drama series - Las Crónicas HADJI Visitan Cuba. 


Las Crónicas HADJI Visitan Cuba - Episodio 1