When proving your girlfriend wrong goes right.

10 years of my life I can claim home ownership. Over the course of those years, I have upgraded, repaired, repainted, rented out, restored, but most importantly relished my time living there. The interior design certainly evolved through the years and continues to be refined as time goes on.

But out of those 10 years, not one point did I ever own a coffee table. I am not generally picky, but when it comes to furniture - I have a difficult time. I have always loved that ultramodern style, but I know I couldn't achieve it living in the suburbs. BUT, if I could get that one coffee table to satiate that style, I could transform my Pasco County townhouse into a downtown Manhattan loft. 

ENTER: Derek Auns

Derek and I have been friends for several years now, and through those years - I have discovered that his skills with woodworking resembles the quality of someone who's been doing it their whole life. Give him some pine wood and a few beers, he'll come back with a replica of Sagrada Família. He's that good. 

And he's my next guest in this week's episode of Filipino TIME

Here he explains the process of how he built this magnificent structural cube of significance and fortitude as well as the perils of laying metal inlays beneath hundreds of pounds of concrete:

And finally, Derek wraps up with some advice on following your passion. Not bad for a young buck.

If you're interested in learning more about Derek Auns Woodworking or just woodworking in general, you can reach his Facebook page for more info.  PEACE!