Photo by Dave Pullis |

Photo by Dave Pullis |

My name is HADJI.

I am an engineer, weightlifter, part-time CrossFit trainer, and I enjoy being behind the camera. I also control the livelihood of two chihuahuas. 

The HADJI Chronicles (THC)  serves as a collection of my journeys, knowledge over various subjects as well as a portfolio to connect with businesses or like-minded individuals. 

Based out of Tampa, FL, videography started as a hobby, documenting my travels, family events, and sharing those stories with the people closest to me. I have since developed a passion for documentary-style film and sharing the stories of others in a way that captivates and connects with the audience.

To build our community, I help create visuals for people who want to stand for something so that together, we can inspire, inform, and entertain.

Got a story you'd like to share?